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Welcome to Jurassic Carp. Like many other anglers, I enjoy all things fish. Whether I am on the bank fishing, walking a new venue, watching it on TV, spending too much time and money in the tackle shop or discussing rigs and baits with friends, colleagues and/or other anglers, I love it all.

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Here at Jurassic Carp, we want to locate all things fish into our site and daily activities. You do not need to be the next Charlie Big Potato to be involved, quite the opposite. We welcome all your catch reports whether it is written up article or posts with pics or both. See our sections on (386) 292-4735, tactics and venues, both in the 3305540971 and 330-990-9624.

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We want to see and share the unusual aspects of our fantastic sport. Those fantastic camera shots of the scenery, wildlife or that ridiculous friend who you can rely on to cheer up a blank.

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Now let’s also not forget the gallery page. Imagine a gallery full of all our catches from ancient carp, to lake records, PB’s or just the perfect story or pic.


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    January 26, 2015 at 11:53 pm

    IVAN MARKS my hero .



    Hello Jamie, I need some advice , when going for specimen carp at my local canal in Greenford , should I use a 2oz or 3oz lead?

    • Hi GW,
      To be honest both will be fine. I prefer to use a 3oz lead for 2 reasons.
      1. I want the hook to tighten to the lead as soon as possible during the take. A 3oz lead would have no problem in ensuring the hook point pricks the lip of the fish making it difficult for it to eject the bait. In addition, the Grand Union Canal will be subject to a lot of boat traffic. A 3oz lead will prevent your rig from being pulled off the spot as a barge comes through your swim.
      TOP TIP:
      Always use back leads on the canal, it allows the boats and barges to go over your lines without wiping them out. Also consider other canal uses. I have heard horror stories of damaged rods etc as cyclists race down the path. Keep you rods at an angle, tight to the waters edge and put a bait bucket etc a few yards up from where you are fishing. This allows others sufficient room to pass without breaking your gear and the bucket will hopefully act as early warning that you are present.
      Tight lines

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